Dr. Christina Blanch

Almost every aspect of Dr. Christina Blanch’s world revolves around comics. She writes comics such as Good Boy, The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood, Tales from the Crypt, Mysterium, and Christmas Caroline among others. She, Garrett Gunn, Kit Wallis, and Dave Lentz, her usual collaborators, are founding fiends, having their own imprint, Four Color
Fiends, at Source Point Press. She also edits comic books and moderates panels at Comic Cons across the country. She hosts her own convention, Muncie Comic Con, every spring. Even when she is teaching, it includes comics in courses such as Gender through Comics, a course that enrolled over 7000 students online.

She owns Aw Yeah Comics in Muncie, Indiana and hosts a live comic book sale on social media “What We Do in the Comic Shop” which was featured in an AP article. When not at her comic shop, which is rare, she is with Jeff and their dogs or hanging with her grandsons, Maverick and Malcolm.