Chris Sprouse

In a career spanning three decades in the comics industry, Chris Sprouse has drawn everything from Action Comics to the Uncanny X-Men, but he's probably best known for his work on Wildstorm/DC Comics’ Tom Strong series, which he co-created with acclaimed writer Alan Moore. Tom Strong was an Eisner Award-winning retro-futuristic book that followed “science hero” Strong, his family and supporting cast on adventures all over the world (and elsewhere) and throughout the twentieth century. After Tom Strong, Sprouse collaborated with writer Warren Ellis on the original creator-owned science fiction graphic novel Ocean, also published by DC Comics, which told the near-future story of mankind’s first encounter with alien life on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Other career highlights include working on Alan Moore’s Supreme run for Image Comics, drawing the first year of DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes spin-off Legionnaires, working with Grant Morrison on Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes, and collaborating with legendary comics inker turned writer Terry Austin on an adaptation of the very first Star Wars novel, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye for Dark Horse Comics. While Sprouse was most closely associated with DC Comics for most of his career, in recent years he’s primarily produced work for Marvel Comics, including a two-year run on Black Panther with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, the Thors mini-series written by Jason Aaron and nearly two hundred (and counting) covers for Marvel’s Star Wars books. Sprouse currently lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.